I have always been fascinated by different forms of movement and sports. But when I discovered yoga for myself, my world view opened up. I could feel that there is much more to discover than a purely physical practice. The more I practice the more open and clear my mind becomes and the more I am able to enjoy the wonders of this world with serenity.

– Trust what you feel – 

In the fall of 2018, with Jai. C. Salt and his ELEMENTAL YOGA SCHOOL I completed a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher Training on Bali, Indonesia.


– Take things easy –

I completed the partial training “ZEN-SHIATSU” in winter 2018 in Vienna with great interest in order to develop a better understanding of where exactly the meridians run, where the acupuncture points are located and how best to work on them in order to improve the energy flow in the body.


– Keep it simple –

In the fall of 2019 I was very happy to attend a 10-day VIPASSANA MEDITATION course at the Dhamma Center Arunachala, Tiruvanamalai, India.

“Back to the roots,” so to speak.


– Take things easy –

Over the last years I have practiced many yoga styles and attended several yoga workshops with great yoga teachers such as Dylan Werner, Patrick Beach, Dice Lida-Klein, Kristiano Karibu and James Higgins. I am very grateful to every single yoga teacher I have met so far. I can always learn a lot and am happy to integrate what I have learned into my own practice and pass it on.

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